Efficient and customer committed

" I started working with Yara shortly after relocating to Switzerland with my family 8 years ago and have always been extremely pleased with her service.  She has helped me optimize my tax returns, proactively pursuing opportunities and patiently answering all my questions and concerns.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an efficient and customer committed advisor. "

A. Acevedo (General Manager at Juegos de Video Latinoamérica GmbH and Vice-President of Operations of the Group, with 200 employees in Latin America and a turnover of 300 Mio USD per year)

Comprehensive communication

" Following several global relocations related to my job, I have finally found a good way of optimizing my tax burden. Yara has been instrumental in helping us understand the details of the Swiss Tax system and planning a comprehensive personal tax strategy. She has consistently displayed a great level of entrepreneurial spirit, depth of knowledge and professionalism. I would strongly recommend her. "


Clear concept even in complex situations

" Yara and her team has the ability and knowledge to address very complex international and domestic tax situations, including specific rules and regulations that have greatly facilitated my tax compliance efforts. She has very detailed and vast experience in tax law, in addition her responsiveness, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit really make a difference! I can recommend her services to anyone seeking for a true exceptional experience. "


Making sure the bird view gets never lost

" I've been working with my company in Zug in project and construction management for 22 years. Yara Ledergerber's company has been supporting me like a family office for years, both privately and for business. She is responsible for all financial matters, such as accounting, social security, VAT and private and corporate taxes. In addition to tax, asset and pension consulting, she is also mandated to manage my real estate. Yara Ledergerber and her team have profound knowledge in the areas of taxes, law, finance and accounting. Ledergerber Treuhand GmbH has thus assumed a key role in the strategic planning of our financial and tax affairs. The quality of her work has always been to our fullest satisfaction, and further, Yara Ledergeber is very friendly, determined and highly professional. "


Solving problems with a great portion of fun

" ​Relocating to a new job and a new place has specific challenges. Certainly, relocating to a new country is more complicated and presents with a more diverse set of challenges.  Selecting neighbourhoods, schools, opening back account, learning the language, the culture, and the local cousin is both challenging and perhaps at times, pleasant.  I moved with my family to Zurich in 2019 from Washington DC.  


Obviously, for my children, the most challenging aspect of the move was the new school and of course learning German. While I though I was sailing through selecting our apartment, schools, opening back accounts and settling in, I was faced with a challenge of my own; namely paying my income taxes. As a US citizen, we are required to pay taxes in both Switzerland and the US.  The two filing systems are incredibly different and require robust expertise and professional input. I was fortunate to be introduced to Yara and her team for processing my income taxes.  I had the most pleasant experience since we met.  She is thorough, a good listener, a problem solver and most importantly very patient (specially with the nervous clients like myself).


I have to say, that I had one of the most challenging tax issues because of the way my new job contract was worded.  Yara worked with me and with my institution to resolve this and made sure that my rights were protected. Besides being very professional, Yara is super pleasant and working with her has been great fun. "


Brazilian market knowledge


" My husband was COO and board member of his Brazilian family-owned company. In the early 90s he introduced the company into a new business sector. When he left, sales were over USD 25 Mio. per year and 120 employees worked for the company. Thanks to an innovative sales net under a private label, we became #2 of our branch in Brazil. In the year 2014 my husband and I decided to relocate to Switzerland and a restructuring of the company was needed. 


Yara designed the whole tax optimized restructuring process and was able to communicate the spin off deal to the lawyers of the different parties in Switzerland and Brazil. Her knowledge of the Brazilian market and her Portuguese language skills were crucial to accelerate the resinous process and bring it to a positive end. Her support was a tremendous added value for all involved parties, the reason why she is still our mandated tax consultant."