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Trust and discretion are our main values!
We offer comprehensive tax advice, support you in planning your retirement provision and serve as your competent fiduciary partner in Zug. Our specialty is international issues, and thanks to our network of partners, we are able to offer you a wide range of services from a single source.



The current investment situation on the global market is characterized by uncertainty and volatility.

Our investment advice is always tailored to meet your personal needs!

Studies show that the strategic allocation of a portfolio contributes to more than 80% of the return. With a long-term perspective, the choice of titles and timing of the investment are far less important, at 19% and 1%, respectively.

Our main focus is on you, your individual needs and your goals. Based on this information, the ideal allocation of assets for the portfolio is put together. Each risk position is designed to maximize return, without neglecting costs and tax considerations.



Tax law is always changing. The entrepreneurial desire to make a profit remains constant.

We provide you with competent advice for optimizing your tax burden!

Current discussions in fiscal law have led to uncertainty among many business owners. Tax compliance has become an indispensable asset for the impeccable reputation of any business. However, it often represents a major challenge for business owners, as their core competencies lie in other areas.

Unpleasant surprises can be eliminated through professional planning and advice. We manage your tax returns, make inter-cantonal and international tax allocations, and plan for upcoming events such as restructuring, inheritance, donations, or lump sum payments from the pension fund.



People are getting older and older.

To ensure that the current standard of living can be maintained even after retirement, early retirement planning is essential!

Today, the average life expectancy for men in Switzerland is 81 years, and even 85 years for women. Compared to 30 years ago, additional financing for six to seven years must be secured. With a constant decreasing conversion rate and the low interest rate, the current pension fund savings do not end up in a satisfactory income any longer.

The earlier you start addressing this topic, the more you will be able to enjoy your retirement without any concerns. With an early planning, you can save a considerable amount in taxes. The decision, whether to opt for lump sum payments or regular pension payments will be easier to make, and even an early retirement is no longer a dream.


Administrative work steals a lot of time from business owners that could be much better invested in customers.

We are the trusted partner at your side that can save you time!

Starting a business and carrying the entrepreneurial risk requires courage, planning skills and a winning personality. 

Experienced entrepreneurs know how important the cost-benefit ratio is and how much can be saved with the right business setup. Private companies offer interesting opportunities for optimizing taxes, but need to monitor their business risks well. Incorporated companies, on the other hand, are subject to different legal obligations, depending on turnover and the number of employees.

We would like to be the trusted partner at your side, so that you can dedicate your valuable time to your customers.



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Yara Ledergerber

Yara Ledergerber is an experienced tax expert with over 20 years professional experience in an international environment. She has worked in senior and leading positions, both in Switzerland and abroad. She understands the complexity of how international tax systems interface with one another.

Her approach is to develop a detailed understanding of the client’s private and business situation, in order to optimize it from a holistic perspective. In addition, she analyses, structures, and plans the tax implications of important events such as the purchase, sale or re-structuring of companies, re-locations or inheritances.

She is familiar with all facets of tax law, as it applies to individuals and corporations, international tax law, and issues related to the value added tax (VAT). Yara Ledergerber also has extensive knowledge about tax and social insurance issues regarding international work assignments and expatriate status.

Yara Ledergerber strives to provide an exceptional client experience. Customers recommend her because of her high personal commitment, integrity, and results orientation. She advises clients in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Bachelor in Business Administration
Tax Expert
Certified Financial Consultant
Swiss Certified Financial Planner

"Yara Ledergerber helped me after relocating to Switzerland to optimize my tax returns, proactively pursuing opportunities and patiently answering all my questions and concerns." A.A.

"Following several global relocations related to my job, I have finally found a good way of optimizing my tax burden thanks to Ledergerber Treuhand GmbH." J.V.

"The team of Ledergeber Treuhand GmbH has the ability and knowledge to address very complex international and domestic tax situations, including specific rules and regulations that have greatly facilitated my tax compliance efforts." P.B.

"Yara Ledergerber is thorough, a good listener, a problem solver and most importantly very patient . Besides being very professional, Yara is super pleasant and working with her has been great fun." X.Y.


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Children’s eyes should be gleaming, their hearts full of love. They should be happy and carefree, eager to discover the world with their innocent curiosity.


Unfortunately, this privilege is not granted to many children in our world. As a board member of an association helping a children's nursery in São Paulo, Brazil, I am trying to make a contribution to improve the lives of these Brazilian children. 

The ‘Criança Feliz’ Youth Center in São Paulo was founded in 1985 by my father, Prof. Dr. Paul Ledergerber. Since this time, over 12'000 children have been able to look forward into a better future. I am very grateful for the tireless efforts of our local employees and regular donations from all over the world. 

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